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Lessons, Sessions, & Experiences

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horse riding lessons


Come on out for a day of fun for the WHOLE FAMILY! We love working with both adults & children.

F.E.E.L. Riding Lessons |  E.A.L. Therapeutic Sessions

Come for a non-traditional lesson that builds core life-skills as well as horsemanship and riding abilities. Our lessons are based in mindfulness principles and focus on the connection between humans and horses. We use principles of natural and compassionate horsemanship and include learning and therapeutic counseling principles that allow for presence, connection, and balance. The relationship between horse and rider goes so much deeper than just learning a skill. It takes patience, persistence and attentiveness to the needs horse as well as awareness of one’s own emotional and physical needs.


1 Hour FEEL Private Riding Lesson / EAL Session  – $85/participant

1 Hour FEEL Group Riding Lesson / EAL Session – $65/participant

30 Minute “Mini” Riding Experience (Ages 6 & under) – $50/participant


1 Hour Private Riding Lesson / EAL Session   —  $300/4 Lessons ($75/session)

1 Hour FEEL Group Riding Lesson / EAL Session  — $220/4 Lessons ($55/session)

30 Minute “Mini” Riding Experience (Ages 6 & under)  —  $160/4 Lessons ($40/session)

**Package Pricing is $10 off the Pay Per Lesson Rate when purchasing 4 or more lessons at a time**

*Please note that instructor approval is required for any group lessons. Please call or email to schedule.*

Animal & Riding Experiences

From the seasoned riders to those who have never ridden before we have something for everyone! This experience is NOT a trail ride. With an Animal & Riding Experience at Firefly we allow the participants to create the experience they would like to have. This may include walking around the property on or off horseback to take in and view the animals and beautiful surrounding scenery, creating patterns within the arena, moving through different speeds & gaits, or playing a fun game. For those who aren’t too keen on the idea of riding a big animal, we have a ton of smaller animals around the property ready to be played with for a fun and enjoyable experience as well. Animal & Riding Experiences can be tuned to what an individual or group would like to do as long as it is within reason and follows the appropriate safety guidelines we have in place. An instructor will be present for the entire experience to ensure a smooth ride & fun for all!


1 Hour Experience  —  $85/participant

1.5 Hour Experience  —  $127.50/participant

2 Hour Experience  —  $170/participant

***Custom pricing and formats available. Groups larger than 6 participants riding will need to reserve 2 time slots.***

Please read our Barn Rules and sign our liability waiver before heading out to the farm for the first time. Any person upon the property must have an up-to-date waiver signed on file.

Email: [email protected]  |  Call or Text: 406-314-7185

riding lessons

Firefly Equine Experiential Learning (F.E.E.L.)

Firefly: The Firefly is lit from within. The goals of Firefly’s programs are to assist in finding our inner light and unique talents.

Equine: Horses are known for their healing abilities; they teach us by demonstrating the power in the present moment, being vulnerable, and how to regulate emotions.

Experiential: Hands on learning promotes higher retention of skills that are more easily integrated into our daily lives.

Learning: Life skills are practiced through interactions with horses and guided by a mindful facilitator.

This program balances teaching traditional riding concepts with the integration of interpersonal and life skills, such as:

• Riding skills (English & Western)
• Equine science and behavior
• Ground work
• Horse care
• Partnership
• Confidence
• Compassion
• Awareness

F.E.E.L Mission Statement

Firefly Equine Experiential Learning is founded in a heart-centered approach to horsemanship with a focus on building kind and respectful relationships with horses and fellow humans. Our mission is to provide a safe space for people to develop core competencies of emotional intelligence, self-efficacy, and resilience through equitation, the art of riding and working with horses. We offer a well-rounded riding lesson program that holds space for learning riding skills as well as personal and emotional development. We see our horses as partners and not tools, as co-facilitators and as teachers. We hold the welfare of the horse in the upmost importance and strive to curate an experience for students that allows for powerful insight, discovery, and fun.

F.E.E.L Riding Philosophy

Many times, traditional riding lessons will rush kids along without building a proper riding foundation, this means having too much autonomy before they are ready to use the equipment in their hands, or they are rushed into the show ring, cantering or jumping, before a strong position and effective seat, leg, and hand aids are developed. We take time to teach our students about the movements of the horse, care,behavior and equine psychology and cultivate a foundation for ethical horsemanship. F.E.E.L explores the emotions that come up when learning how to ride and cultivate a relationship with a horse. It is common to stop the progression of teaching a skill, to pause and discuss, reflect, process, and connected what is happening in the ring to our home, school, and work life. Special learning opportunities will be offered to learn more about horse care and discipline specific skills. We strive for the ethical treatment of our horses and work without coercive or harsh equipment or training methods.


Equine-Assisted Learning (E.A.L.)

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) is a great therapeutic option for children and teenagers, and offers many benefits through healing with horses such as:

  • Assessing & regulating emotions & intensity
  • Rebalance default intensity
  • Boundaries
  • Learning to play
  • Caring for self and others
  • Processing trauma – with or without talking
  • Develop social skills
  • Assertiveness and self-confidence
  • Shift codependency to healthy interdependency
  • In action learning in a low-pressure environment
  • Connects the physical & the emotional
  • Building trust
  • Allows the body to release trauma responses through movement
  • Develop healthy relationships
  • Social responsibility
  • Problem solving skills