Firefly Horse Company is a full service horse boarding facility located east of Kalispell. Firefly has extensive offerings from riding lessons to counseling with horses.


We are situated on 24 grassy acres providing 9 lush pastures, 10 covered runs, and a heated barn with 14 indoor stalls, all complete with automatic waterers.


We feature a full size outdoor arena, round pen and an indoor arena so horses can be enjoyed year round!


Firefly Horse Co is unique from other traditional horse barns and therapy practices in many ways! Our desire is to bring horses and their healing abilities to the general public. Taking lessons, camps or therapy at Firefly goes to the deepest level of connection between horse and rider. We use principles of natural horsemanship and include learning and therapeutic counseling principles that allow for presence, connection, and balance. The relationship between horse and rider goes so much deeper than just learning a skill. It takes patience, persistence and attentiveness to the needs horse as well as awareness of one’s own emotional and physical needs.

Horse Boarding
Full service boarding facility located on 24 acres

All your horse’s needs can be taken care of by Firefly staff on a case by case basis for an additional cost. Scheduling of the farrier, vet, special handling, blanketing, exercising, training, and lessons are available for your convenience.


Alternative Therapies
Insurance Accepted

We offer Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, Art Therapy, and Farm Environment Therapy for all ages. Improve your life, deal with anxiety or depression, and become more self-confident through nature-based and animal-assisted alternative therapy programs with a team of counselors, led by Julie Kiewatt, LCPC.


Equine Experiential Learning & Riding Program

Equine Experiential Learning sessions build core life-skills as well as horsemanship and riding abilities. Our lessons are based in mindfulness principles and focus on the connection between humans and horses.


Events, Retreats & Workshops
Base Price $2000.00

We offer custom equine experiences in the form of events, field trips, workshops, retreats, and continuing education credits (CEUs). We accommodate corporate, professional groups, teams, families, youth, and adults. We specialize in mindfulness-based techniques, team development, healthy communication skills, and providing training for care givers (health care providers, teachers, therapists). Contact us to create a package based on your time frame and budget. Themes and areas of focus can be customized upon request.



Equine Assisted Therapy is offered at Firefly by Julie Kiewatt, LCPC of Firefly Healing Arts. Horses are particularly helpful in counseling because they are highly sensitive to the emotions of animals around them, this keeps them safe in the wild. Horses want to connect with a person, but only if and when it feels safe for them. This means the person needs to learn to regulate their own emotions in order to feel safe and for the horse to feel safe as well. It is an amazing process of bringing a client’s emotional responses to awareness and learning to self- regulate – this in turn rewires the brain for peacefulness, awareness, connection and happiness. This is a must try for anyone who wants to learn about themselves and improve their quality of relationships and life!
There are 14 indoor stalls, all equipped with automatic waterers, hay bins, and rubber mats for proper footing and drainage. Stall board includes hay feeding 2 times / day, feeding of owner provided feed and supplements up to 2 times / day and daily turnout in one of our grassy pastures on a rotational basis. Stalls are cleaned out daily.
There are 9 pastures, all equipped with automatic waterers and hay bins. 7 of the pastures are lush grass, while 2 are sandy with little grass; these are great for turn out time for horses that need their grass restricted for health reasons. Shelters will be provided in all of the pastures.
There are 10 covered runs, all equipped with automatic waterers, hay bins, and a sand/ gravel mix for proper footing and drainage. The Covered portion of the run does have a sliding stall door that can be closed to keep the horse in or out as needed. Covered run board includes hay feeding 2 times / day, feeding of owner provided feed and supplements up to 2 times / day and daily turnout in one of our grassy pastures on a rotational basis. Covered runs are cleaned out daily.


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Julie Kiewatt
Owner, Licensed Therapist
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John Kiewatt
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Mira Word
Barn & Program Development Manager



1274 Columbia Falls Stage. Kalispell, MT 59901