FEEL Riding Lessons

F.irefly E.quine E.xperiential L.earning
Riding Lessons

Come for a non-traditional riding lessons that builds core life-skills as well as horsemanship and riding abilities. Our lessons are based in mindfulness principles and focus on the connection between humans and horses. We use principles of natural and compassionate horsemanship and include learning and therapeutic counseling principles that allow for presence, connection, and balance. The relationship between horse and rider goes so much deeper than just learning a skill; It takes patience, persistence, and attentiveness to the needs of the horse, as well as awareness of one’s own emotional and physical needs.

Why F.E.E.L. Lessons

This program balances teaching traditional riding concepts with the integration of interpersonal and life skills, such as:

✦ Riding skills (English & Western)
✧ Equine science and behavior
✦ Ground work
✧ Horse care
✦ Partnership
✧ Confidence
✦ Compassion
✧ Awareness

F.E.E.L. Mission Statement

Firefly Equine Experiential Learning is founded in a heart-centered approach to horsemanship with a focus on building kind and respectful relationships with horses and fellow humans. 

We see our horses as partners and not tools, as co-facilitators and as teachers. We hold the welfare of the horse in the upmost importance and strive to curate an experience for students that allows for powerful insight, discovery, and fun.

Our mission is to provide a safe space for people to develop core competencies of emotional intelligence, self-efficacy, and resilience through equitation, the art of riding and working with horses. Our well-rounded riding lessons program holds space for learning riding skills as well as personal and emotional growth.

Individual Lesson

Individual Riding Lessons are a wonderful option for riders of all ages & skill levels. Whether you’re looking to ride a horse for the first time or freshen back up on those skills from the “good ‘ol cowboy days” this is a great option for skill improvement and learning the nature of horsemanship no matter your experience level.

We have riders of all ages from the teeniest of tots to adults.

Looking to improve your skills & gain confidence with your own horse? We offer Haul-In Lessons as well!


★ 30 Min. “Mini” Lesson (Ages 5 & under) | $50

★ 60 Min. Lesson (Ages 6 & up) | $85

★ Lesson Package | (4) 60 Min. Lessons | $300

Save up to $40 with a Lesson Package!

Semi-Private Lesson

Taking riding lessons with a friend, sibling, or a parent-child duo is a wonderful activity to do together! Don’t let your child have all the fun, take lesson’s alongside them so you can learn the skills they are learning as well!

Horsemanship teaches us so many life lessons no matter what age or experience you have, come experience them together with a friend!


★ 60 Min. Lesson (2 Riders | Ages 6 & Up) | $150

★ Lesson Package | (4) 60 Min. Lessons | $520

Save up to $40 with a Lesson Package!

Group Lessons

Take riding lessons with old friends and create new friendships while learning & improving your skills. Our Group Lesson’s are a great option to expand your skill sets with others!

Groups typically consist of 2-4 riders around the same skill level & age.

*Group availability is limited & dependent on instructor approval.


★ 60 Min. Placement Lesson (First-time clients) | $85

★ 60 Min. Lesson (Per Rider | Ages 8 & Up) | $65

★ Lesson Package | (4) 60 Min. Lessons | $220

Save up to $40 with a Lesson Package!










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