Firefly Horse Co is unique from other traditional horse barns and therapy practices. Our desire is to bring alternative therapeutic modalities and the healing power of horses to the general public. Research shows spending time in the farm environment for therapeutic purposes improves health and well-being. Firefly is located on 24 beautiful acres with a majestic Montana mountain views. Our programs combine healing modalities to create a holistic and nature-based approach. We invite you to visit us and walk lightly, breath deeply, and soak in peace and tranquility.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

Improve your life, work through anxiety or depression, and become more self-confident through our equine therapy programs with a team of counselors, led by Julie Kiewatt (LCPC). Open to ages 5 and up. Insurance Accepted.

Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy performed by a Licensed Professional Counselor or Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Population Served:

• Children (age 4 and above)
• Teens
• Adults
• Elderly
• Couples / Family
• At Risk Youth
• Veterans / 1st Responders
• Businesses
• Health Care Professionals

Diagnoses / Problem:

• Anxiety Disorders–generalized, social, etc.
• Trauma–PTSD, abuse
• Grief and loss
• ADHD / ADD-Impulse control
• Addictions and Substance Abuse
• Eating Disorders
• Behavioral Disorders; Oppositional Defiant Disorder, etc
• Relational Disorders – family dynamics/ parenting
• Emotional Response to Medical Conditions or Illnesses
• Autism Spectrum Disorder – sensory concerns
• Adjustment Disorder
• Intellectual, learning and neurological disorders
• Identity and self – esteem issues – self harm
• Obsessive Disorders and perfectionism
• Mood Disorders–depression, bipolar disorde


• Assessing emotions and intensity
• Regulate emotions and intensity
• Rebalance default intensity
• Boundaries
• Learning to play
• Caring for self and others
• Processing trauma–possible without talking
• Develop social skills
• Assertiveness and Self confidence
• Shift codependency to healthy interdependency
• In action learning in a low-pressure environment
• Connects the physical and the emotional
• Building trust
• Allows the body to release trauma responses through movement
• Develop healthy relationships
• Social responsibility
• Problem solving skill

Therapy in the Farm Environment

Does the idea traditional talk therapy in an office setting, make you want to run for the hills? We understand; that’s why we offer therapy sessions in the great outdoors. Walk and talk, observe or interact with farm animals, breath in fresh air and soak in sunshine during your session.  shows spending time in the farm environment for therapeutic purposes improves health and well-being. Firefly is located on 24 beautiful acres with majestic Montana mountain views.

Retreats and Workshops

We offer custom equine experiences in the form of events, field trips, workshops, retreats, and continuing education credits (CEUs). We accommodate corporate, professional groups, teams, families, youth, and adults.We specialize in mindfulness-based techniques, team development, healthy communication skills, and finding balance between needs and expectations. Contact us to create a package based on your theme, time frame and budget.

Firefly Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL)

Come for a non-traditional lesson that builds core life-skills as well as horsemanship and riding abilities. Our lessons are based in mindfulness principles and focus on the connection between humans and horses. We use principles of natural and compassionate horsemanship and include learning and therapeutic counseling principles that allow for presence, connection, and balance. The relationship between horse and rider goes so much deeper than just learning a skill. It takes patience, persistence and attentiveness to the needs horse as well as awareness of one’s own emotional and physical needs.

 Book online or call 406-314-7185 for scheduling.

$75–Intro lesson 1.5 hour
$60 each–four or more private 1-hour lessons
$50–1-hour small group lesson
Custom pricing and formats available